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clown car

I wish I'd been the one to make this 'inspirational' poster ... but alas, I am only one of many reposting it.


Apparently the Xtian madwoman in the photo is now expecting her 18th child ... it's all "God's plan" or some BS like that. The Duggar family are becoming quite the interweb celebrities.


The husband's name is actually Jim Bob ... need I say more?

  • mivox PRO 7y

    Gummy Sue is priceless. :-D
  • Luna Soledad PRO 7y

    Holy Effin' Cow.
    I don't think even rabbits don't bred that much!

    Re: Motivational poster... ROFLMFAO!!! =D
  • Luna Soledad PRO 7y

    Ok, Geezus Kriste, I just looked at the website... Holy Hell.

    That's scary. Disturbing. Abnormal. Insane. --But hey, look on the bright side (is there a bright side?) least he only has one wife & isn't marrying off his 13 year old to Great Uncle Lester.

    I feel like I need a bath now and a beer and a Valium...

    Shit, I have TWO in the other room as I type doing more damage to our house than would be possible if a heard of wild buffalo suddenly came crashing thru our walls... 18?!! ... Just shoot me.

    The woman is only smiling in the picture because she's clinically insane; her husband on the other hand obviously has some sicko-twisted fetish for pregnancy & lactation porn.
  • Luna Soledad PRO 7y

    Thanks T, I'll be disturbed about this for the rest of the day.

    ...Clown car... [*snort*]
  • mivox PRO 7y

    @becca: Do they make spaceships big enough to get rid of all of them at once? Jesus lives in the clouds, doesn't he? So, if we can find out exactly which planet he's on, we can all just send them home to Jesus?

    @Sidereal: Yeah, I think the "be fruitful and mulitply" thing became obsolete when they discovered penicillin.

    @De la Hop: "Thanks T, I'll be disturbed about this for the rest of the day." And thanks to your comments, I will too ... all over again. lol
  • Photographic Design 7y

    OMG.......This is a more than Nuclear Family MIVOX* This Outright "ridiculously LARGE" of a family Unit........Love the Title :))
  • mivox PRO 7y

    @_ØяAcLә_: Yeah, I can't figure out who in their right mind would sign up for that ... heh
  • avyakata 7y

    Geez, this is a real family??? I didn't get that when I first posted ... I have seventy first cousins (yes, seventy sons and daughers of aunts and uncles) and I thought mine was a little large, but this ... this ... words escape me.
  • archive-of-absence 7y

    perverse. and ironic. Buggery is so more cost effective.
  • mivox PRO 7y

    @avyakata: Yup ... it defies rational response, doesn't it? heh

    @archive-of-absence: Totally. Three cheers for sodomy ... with an extra cheer thrown in for birth control.
  • ColdAndUgly 6y

    The comments on this page are truly disgusting. This is a good, decent family you are dehumanizing. At least the kids aren't out committing crimes or hurting anyone, and the parents have the decency to pay for all their kids' expenses, unlike most of the Jerry Springer, trailer trash hos the media would have us imitate . They're moral, self-sufficient, kind, and most of all, caring to those around them. Regardless of how you feel about their religion, you have to give them credit for trying to live happy lives in this selfish, heartless world.
  • mivox PRO 6y

    Actually, I don't see anything admirable and moral in the idea of having 18 kids in a world where people are starving, dying of easily preventable and treatable diseases, and killing one another in the name of ideology and generational political grudge-matches.

    I think the parents are selfish, delusional, and imparting a seriously warped sense of what's right and wrong into their children. The last thing this world needs are herds of young people running around thinking they've been born to serve "God's Army" ... yeesh.
  • Coal and Ice PRO 6y

    I think they're secretly
    intending to eat them later
    when the economy really
    enters the waste water treatment plant

    That or...
  • ColdAndUgly 6y

    Would you have preferred that these children had been aborted and discarded like garbage? They have a right to live happy lives, which is seemingly the case, and a family of this size will hardly make a dent in the world's food and air supplies. The Duggars take care of their own, unlike that truly selfish, delusional, and seriously warped woman in the news who brought 14 kids into this world with no realistic way of taking care of them. Why don't you slam her like you've slammed this decent family? Never mind the Duggars. Just because they're happy in their own lives doesn't give anyone the right to rip them to pieces.
  • Luna_C! 6y

    How about just using Birth Control? Not too much to ask.
  • Coal and Ice PRO 6y

    Or adopting ?
    No need to make more
    there's plenty on the planet
    in need of love and $upport
  • connietorres77 5y

    That I do is RESPECT! I want to give up sometime but bible said don't give up! My man belive devil and I belive god! It hard and I can't judge no one! Just pray for us! God Blessed!
  • connietorres77 5y

    Truth is I respect duggars wanted! It up to them want more kids! CHINA rule is 1 child each! Here USA is like unlimit want children 1 to 16 I see mostly first time for me is bate and duggars. They loves god all hearts!
  • eagoodlife 5y

    Well at least these kids aren't adopted and been 'saved' from being 'orphans'.They know who their daddy is and didn't have a 'gestational carrier'.
  • nicjmartin 4y

    The kids names are Josh, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie, for anyone wondering. They're a great family, and refuse to use birth control after Michelle got pregnant with their second child, and miscarried because she had been using birth control at the time she conceived. Learn about a family before you judge them.
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