garden 2020

NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu Photo Exhibition
from July 3 to 14, 2020
at gallery 176 in Osaka, Japan

The English word ‘garden’ originates from the ancient Hebrew words ‘gan’ and ‘eden’, meaning ‘protection’ and ‘delight’ or ‘pleasure’ respectively. In the same vein, Sinji ISOYA, Doctor of Agriculture, said gardens should be a “safe and comfortable space” and something that evokes an “ideal world for humans”. (refer to “Nihon no Teien”).

I shoot photos while walking around gardens (mainly Japanese gardens). I just keep walking, stop sometimes, and start walking again. I do that repeatedly. My line of sight changes constantly while walking, bringing new landscapes into my sight. Trees, stones, moss, and running water come in and out of my vision. I spontaneously capture them if they inspire my aesthetic sense.

This series presents the fragments of my ideal landscape that I have captured in real gardens.

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