3d pan white

Manila by the Bay

You can count how many pairs of lovers are in this picture :)



Updated this picture as of April 28, 2009


Thanks to Karen for the feedback and most especially to Photocritic.org for the great insights on improving this picture. Removed the following notes from the original picture from photocritic.org:


Sail/Flag: This thing becomes the focal point of the photo, which is a cursed shame, because it's not that interesting to look at.


Additional crop on bottom: You could quite easily crop off this field of solid black without losing anything, and you'd get a more dynamic feel to the image, I think.


Lamp post: I wish this thing was straight (you COULD straighten it in Photoshop, if you wanted), but the colours of it really add to the photo, and breaks up the silhouette nicely



Love this picture now and definitely way, way better than before! Photography improved one critic/review at a time ^^

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Taken on April 11, 2009