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    So, I tried an experiment and hit the streets to get a conceptual shot, but added this sign just for fun. I tried to see how much I could get by putting up this sign. It's just a shame that no one knew what a Pro account was. After buying my 24-70L, I pretty much am living off of Ramens... so sorry folks, can't upgrade anytime soon and show you all the cool stuff.

    Yeah, don't worry... no one left any change just incase you were wondering.

    ** Made it to flickr explore

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    1. - maverick - 83 months ago | reply

      Cool idea, Sahid! But with your nice rubber shoes, i am not if someone will really think you need help for a pro account. LOL

      (seen the link on a discussion thread in Challenge You)

    2. ladyinpink 83 months ago | reply

      This is interesting. Playing with such a serious subject matter ... I'm not sure what I think. I think it's a good way to make ourselves aware, and to understand our dark world more deeply.

      Thank you for sharing.

    3. Mistamoni 83 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the comment. My intention was not to really make fun of the concept of being homeless. I am native of Bangladesh, which is one of the poorest countries in the world... and poverty is a big problem. So I know the struggle and seriousness of this matter.

      I did take several shots without the sign, but that was really a project that a friend had asked for for one of his classes, and asked not to display them else where. This one posted was just at the end for goofing off, and since it related to flickr, I put it up here.

      So I hope no one is offended, because that truly is not my intention.

    4. amesis 83 months ago | reply

      Awesome idea.

      Weekend Showcase at
      The World Through My Eyes

    5. *davidsαngle [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      clever and creatice idea !

      I'm sure you'll a get a pro account !!! :)


    6. Doctor Beef 83 months ago | reply

      Great shot!!!

    7. Idalya 83 months ago | reply

      Oh, you really made me laugh! :D
      What a shame nobody gave you a money... :)

    8. Scott Ableman 83 months ago | reply

      I love it!
      Weekend Showcase at The World Through My Eyes

      P.S. - I almost bought you a pro account until I saw that you are using a $1200 camera. Doesn't change my love of the photo though ;-)

    9. Sashá 83 months ago | reply

      good huntering for street shooting -))

    10. Mrs Magic 83 months ago | reply

      This is very clever and creative! I hope you get your pro account soon.

      Thank you for sharing your best photo of the week with us in the Weekend Showcase at The World Through My Eyes!

    11. Mark Velasquez Photography 82 months ago | reply

      Ha! I like this shot a lot.

      A friend of mine too was complaining about not being able to afford a pro account. Its something like $25 a year.

      Suck it up, man, thats a dinner. Go hungry one night and reap the benefits.

    12. Mistamoni 82 months ago | reply

      Haha... Photography is an expensive hobby/passion. I somehow spend my money on camera gear before other things, even flickr. I'm actually going many nights now without good dinner, trying to get a set of 3 pocket wizard II plus...

      But I shall take your advice... and hopefully be a "pro" by next week or so.

    13. Donna Francé 82 months ago | reply

      Ciao, sono amministratore di un gruppo chiamato Two Feet Under. Ci farebbe piacere aggiungere le tuo foto al gruppo.

    14. Little-Horse 81 months ago | reply

      Two Feet Under

      I like your point of view!
      I saw this great photo in the Two Feet Under group.

    15. Vicky Mats 80 months ago | reply

      hahaha love it!

    16. sparkkles 77 months ago | reply

      i want one :(
      can i steal your idea? hahaha

    17. Mr.Ekwueme 67 months ago | reply

      haha I love this picture..great idea :)

    18. ilonqua 61 months ago | reply

      clever idea :)
      good shot!

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