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Simplicity 4032_04

Extra ease pinched up in back and collar and bow smoothed out a bit. I also think it's relatively hard for that front to lie flat on a normal person, with only one button. Adding a few more buttons would probably serve this design well.



Simplicity 4032


I really liked the idea of this pattern. It's nice to have something that's easy to care for, made of fleece but doesn't look like you just walked out of the gym. The pattern has 4 jacket versions and a (rather hideous) vest option. I've never sewn with fleece before so I bought some less expensive mint colored fleece and a slightly more expensive fleece in a deep plum shade. My plan was to sew my second choice jacket designs with the green to get my feet wet with fleece, before cutting into the purple fabric.


I don't hate the end result but it's definitely not as nicely designed as I would have liked. My biggest issues are that it's just plain fussy to put on, the collar is a single, unfaced layer and rolls if it's not laying just so, the little accent bow does the same thing. The inner facings are all over the place. You really have to put it on and check that everything is in order instead of just tossing the jacket on and going.


My other issue is that the cross back measurement is too wide for my taste, by probably a full 2"/5cm. Jackets are generally cut like this to give room for layering, but I'm a hussy and wear mostly slim fitting clothing. On me, the shoulder seams fall off my shoulders and the look is a little sloppy.


The other thing to be aware of, which has more to do with my crappy skills than the pattern, is you really need to know which seams will be unfinished in the final product so you don’t cut those edges like you were a few sheets to the wind before you started. Fleece isn’t very forgiving in that sense.


I may still sew the other version of this jacket that I like a little better. If I do, I'll narrow the front and back pieces, mid shoulder (so I don't have to monkey with the fit of the collar or sleeves) and I may find a better way to keep the inner facings in line. I'm not an expert enough seamstress to go too crazy with mods but I think the pattern is salvageable.

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Taken on April 26, 2011