Rolling Residential Interior - Airstream Glamping

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    It's not often that you discover your favorite toy
    has been designated a Design Icon of the 20th Century by the Museum of Modern Art.

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    1. matuko amini 83 months ago | reply

      that is so cool that you have an airstream...and a more stylish airstream i've never seen!

    2. studioJudith 83 months ago | reply

      Adrienne, dear - it's such great fun :
      Check out this set ( Modern Trailer Trash) -
      to get a glimpse of some of our adventures in the
      Great Americn West .... . .
      I've just always loved the concept of a very contained space -
      rather a little cocoon (or a land roving Silver Spaceship!)

    3. Abstractions Art 83 months ago | reply

      So fresh & inviting with that lively lime. Love the reflection on the ceiling – change the cushion colors – whole new look! Brilliant decorating.

    4. TRICK64 83 months ago | reply

      These have always been my favs, but "Wow" to the updated interior...
      I think I want to sell my house
      Luv it !!!

    5. studioJudith 83 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much , A.Art and trick64 ... .
      I do really love how quickly I can change the mood of the space
      with just a few pillows . I'm thinking camo for fall .. . ;-))

    6. The 10 cent designer 83 months ago | reply

      camo- oh yes! how about some zebra hide pillows as well!
      oh I see one in the background already!

    7. studioJudith 83 months ago | reply

      That trusty zebra pillow seems to follow me everywhere - sometimes it
      will live in a closet for a couple of years and leap out just when I'm scratching my head and wondering what little accent I need to pull it
      all together. (it's second cousin is in the shoe dept. of my wardrobe ... . .
      a pair of leopard print shoes )

    8. living_fresh 82 months ago | reply

      This is wonderful, travel in style!

    9. Happy.Phantom 80 months ago | reply

      As I was driving my son to school one early morning last week, a silver bullet of sorts caught my eye. Sure enough, an Airstreamer, very similar to yours sitting in a driveway (We live in a fairly rural area). It appeared to be in excellent condition, all shiny and new. I wanted so badly to sneak a peek through the windows wondering what theirs might look like inside. Surely, it could not have been nearly as "cool" as yours. Instead of stopping, we just drove past and got to school on time. Your photos have sparked an interest in these silver bullets. Thank you for sharing these photos, BTW. Would you come over and redecorate MY home? ; ) You have such a wonderful sense of style.

    10. studioJudith 80 months ago | reply

      We're always on the look out for Silver Bullets - --- in fact, it's become a game to see who spots the most on a road trip. Those rural roads are the best places to find an old Airstream parked behind a barn.
      Thanks so much for all your kind and thoughtful comments!

    11. StephenReed 67 months ago | reply

      You do it honor!

    12. A n t o i n e t t e 38 months ago | reply

      for years my husband and I have been toying with this idea . . . go across country . . . it seems quite serendipitous I've come across your air*stream* . . . you've totally perked up my day!

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