Daisy Community photograph collection
This collection, accessioned by MDAH in 1994, consists of nineteen 8x10" or smaller photographs and one photocopy (not reproduced here) of members of the Daisy School community in Jackson County, Mississippi, c. 1900.

These photographs were a gift from Bonnie Chapman Anders and Joyce Chapman Milsted.

Their accompanying letter:

"Our paternal grandmother, Minnie Belle Lorance, of the Brownsville Community, Hinds County, MS, went to Jackson County to teach at Daisy School c.1900. She boarded at the Wilkerson home on Red Creek. Miss Minnie was a young woman of 18 years and had been to school at Brownsville, but had no formal education as a teacher. However, she was a very smart woman and enjoyed reading all her life. She returned to Hinds County, married Eugene Dennis Chapman in 1903, died at age 90, and is buried in the Brownsville, MS Cemetery.

These pictures are of people she knew while living in Jackson County and some are former students. The surnames of BILBO, CARTER, DOUGLAS, FLURRY, FOX, HAVENS, JONES, KING, MARTIN, MOORE, REDMON, SMITH, and WILKERSON are shown on these photographs.

We hope this packet will provide a clue to someone working on genealogical or historical research.


Some photographs have accompanying descriptions on the back which are present here in the individual photo descriptions.
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