Baggie hunt, 8/17/2015 Special Parks & Recreation Edition!
Okay, here's a few observations/statistics regarding yesterday's "urban artifact" haul:
*In terms of park space (which was the emphasis) I hit Jerzy Popieluszko Square, Lorimer Street behind the McCarren Pool and McGolrick. It is worth noting that I elected to walk under the BQE from McCarren/the pool area to McGolrick. Think Lorimer Street to Kingsland.
*Although I saw a number of things at Jerzy Popieliszko Square, including a hospital bracelet, no drug paraphernalia was found.
*Lorimer was another story. I found 6-7 baggies there. What is even better is I had a fellow, upon noticing me picking up baggies, etc., try to offer (sell?) me "a cigarette".
*BQE: Granted, I did not do a thorough canvass--- but I still found 5-6 baggies there. Arguably the most interesting of the lot were these three items:
*a broken wine glass
*an empty blister pack of Cialis
*a package of "Dude Wipes" (unused)
What are Dude Wipes, you are wondering? Well I was too so I Googled the product. The instructional video I found makes its purpose QUITE clear (Watch at your own risk):
Otherwise methinks I found five baggies there.
But let's get to McGolrick, shall we?
*I found a total of 15 baggies there. Once again: FIFTEEN. Mind you, I did a fairly through search but given the ground cover (dead leaves) I am certain there were probably more. I simply did not see them.
*Interesting factoid: they seem to really like Cossack vodka over there. I find this interesting because on the other (west) side of McGuinness Georgi and Royal Emblem a the brands of choice. This is probably due to what is available nearby. This may merit further research.
*I found one baggie on Driggs next door to PS 110. Not McGolrick Park, but mighty darned close.
All in all, yesterday's four hour walk netted me a grand total 31 baggies. Just shy of half of these (15) came from McGolrick Park. To give a point of comparison: I have a total of 37 baggies which hail from Calyer Street and north. Now I am up to a grand total 68 baggies. I have not crunched the numbers, but it is becoming very clear that the vast majority hail from our parks. Other than that, India Street between the ferry pier and West is another "hot spot".
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