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I Am Not Afraid | by Taylor Dawn Done
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I Am Not Afraid



"I hate being called afraid. I wish I was fearless, but I'm not. To everyone I act like I don't care, but the truth is I care with more heart than I wish I ever had. It's painful to care about anything. To see, to believe, to want, to hope- nothing good comes from that. If only I could live my life not knowing. But then nothing would ever change. Everything would be so much easier.... Sometimes I feel like it's just me against everyone else. I'm lost in my own world I can't escape....I always dream of running away from something. In the end it never seems to matter anyway. Sometimes the bad ending is better than waking up.

I want to believe I'm different. Not just a person in a crowd of people- but I'm not. I feel like a constant failure, and I feel like a disappointment. I sometimes wish my birth mother just had an abortion so I could never have been born. - Yes, I know that sounds terrible and I'm pro-life. But that is how i feel. I regret being alive everyday of my life. And lastly I was sexually assaulted by my foster brother as a child."


Hi. You're my hero. I'm very very happy you're alive. I would love to meet you. You're are quite a strong person. There's no need to be fearless with strength like yours.



(btw, sorry this kinda sucks...I ended up setting my bed on fire half way through shooting :/)


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Taken on May 13, 2010