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Groovy Kind Of Love | by ϊτʂɑ ʍҿ .. ʍɑʀϊɑ !
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Groovy Kind Of Love

When you're close to me, i can feel your heart beat. I can hear you breathing in my ear


I don't usually do gushy mushy dear diary stuff in flickr or my blog but, this guy deserves this recognition. My constant for nearly 3 months now - he's been nothing short of amazing. I don't know many guys who would have been so understanding, accepting or as patient as he has been of my circumstances and situations - but he has been, 110% without one word of complaint, moan, bemoan. He's never sighed, questioned, compromised me. He's stood beside me, with me, for me - loving me, supporting me, adoring me, defending me. He's not been perfect, but who is ? I'm certainly not. Aside all of the above, he's listened to me shout, rant, rave, anger, cry, tantrum and not once has he ever left me or thrown it back at me. Instead, he's just held me until it got better and tried to make me smile and laugh. The man is a diamond and each day with him, he makes me feel truly so lucky to be with him without even knowing he's doing it. He's my Mr C, my hot cawfee, my big spoon and i love him very much ♥


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Uploaded on November 17, 2020