Mail Art 365 2012/13 project
Joined the mail art 365 group this year. Objective, to send out 365 mail art pieces this year. It's going to be totally random, like filled envelopes, empty envelopes, postcards, ATC's, whatever that constitutes a bit of artful & handmade mail & sending to random people.
ETA; Well I didn't make the 365 in one year but I got pretty close in the 300s, so the project will continue with an overlap in 2013 :)
I MADE IT! last pieces were sent out in April 2013. It took me 16 months to complete this project. Was a fun journey, but togh at times. My gallison planner still has space for 4 more weeks of mail art, and I will continue to send out "bonus numbers" until that space is filled up :)
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