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Anne of the Island - 1915

Anne of Green Gables - 1930 Frontispiece from Anne of Green Gables Anne of the Island - 1915 Frontispiece from Anne of the Island Anne of Windy Willows - 1941 The Golden Road - 1937 Anne of Green Gables - 1964 Kilmeny of the Orchard - 1965 Pat of Silver Bush Cover Pat of Silver Bush Frontispiece Anne of Avonlea Cover Anne of Avonlea Frontispiece Further Chronicles of Avonlea Kilmeny of the Orchard Anne of Ingleside Cover The Story Girl Magic for Marigold Rainbow Valley Anne of Ingleside

Where I show my vintage (and first) edition books by L M Montgomery (Lucy Maud Montgomery).

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opsbooks says:

Great to see your inclusion of edition and publishing details, as most people just don't bother these days. Nice collection :).
Posted 76 months ago. ( permalink )

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Miss-Print says:

Thank you! As a librarian and collector those details have always been important to me - I'm glad you like them!
Posted 76 months ago. ( permalink )

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stitchy stitcherson says:

Wow! What a fabulous collection. :)
Posted 73 months ago. ( permalink )

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