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Craps | by miskan
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Tonight me and nat decided to try something new for dinner so we stopped by this new restaurant called Creps located under the Marina Residence building next to Marina Mall. Its one of those drive up and give your order type of place. This restaurant though had only been open for one day, so its extremely new and you could tell right away after my first question. I asked the philipina chick what they put in the Philidelphia Sandwich, she had to go inside ask the manager who I guess also didn't know what they put inside it since they both started looking for something. When they found it she came back to me and she had with her now a paper where all the ingredients of the sandwiches were written on it. After that Nat wanted to know what was in the Russian Salad, so the philipina chick went back inside but this time came back with the manager. He told us what was in the salad. I then asked him what they put in the fahita, he told me beef or chicken. I said chicken but what else do you put in it. He was like lasagna. I was like Lasagna? He is like you can have it with meet or vegetable. I was like huh? I just wanted to know what do you put in the fahita. He was like chicken or beef. I said Chicken, he was like lettuce and tomato. So we finished up our order, got our food and left. Surprisingly my fahita didnt kill me. It didnt have any lettuce or tomato as the guy had said and it was also definetly not worth KD1.200 since it was just too small. Nat had the greek salad which she didnt like. So the lesson of the day, don't eat at place that just opened.

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Uploaded on April 14, 2005