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  • yeah they do. this was originally a G4 733mhz which I recently upgraded to a Dual 1.6Ghz.
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  • my fave color - Shooting Chris
  • from IKEA...
    mmm... i think the whole room is from IKEA - Ibrahim Owais
  • Powermac G4, the Gigabit model is the one I own, it just came back from a very long period of inactivity, I actually give new life to it, it's a dual 450 with 768 RAM on a 80 GB HD loaded with OSX 10.4.7 - BEN AYALA SR.
  • I want my room this colour! - lifeikeep
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  • I have the exact same floor! I think I know what to paint my room now. :) - YasmineAbdullah
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Getting Personal

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Todays picture is of my work station at home. This is where I sat every night choosing and then uploading the pictures to Miskan. What you can't see in this picture is the opposite end of the room which is basically a mirror image. I have two more bookshelves filled with magazines, another desk with a cutting mat opposite my computer desk and in the corner opposite the IKEA chair is another desk where Nat can work on her Mac while looking out the window. I have decided the last three pictures of Miskan will be about me, this is the first of three. Today is day 363, I have two more days to go.

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  1. TwaiF 114 months ago | reply

    nice wall

  2. bashoholic 114 months ago | reply

    Nice man, the wall color, and lighting. I can simply say its great.

  3. Charm!ng 114 months ago | reply

    i like the green wall :)

  4. Secular Humanist [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

    nice decoration mark

  5. LeslieMontenegro 114 months ago | reply

    Love that corner with the ikea chair and green wall. Makes me want to sit there with my laptop.

  6. ak10001 106 months ago | reply

    what size is the monitor?

  7. | Mathieu | 96 months ago | reply

    Nice place. I really love the green on your walls!

  8. Samuel Judge 95 months ago | reply

    Nice shade of green you have there. I have that chair from Ikea too! they're really comfortable aren't they!

  9. : : a m m a r : : 87 months ago | reply

    thats nice ..

    i like your room :P

    and good luck in your work

    ( =

  10. Nexstar_T3 85 months ago | reply

    wat is the colo code the the green wall?

  11. JBernadez 78 months ago | reply

    That's a nice set-up. I love the colors.

  12. AshkananiA 72 months ago | reply

    so dreamy =D

  13. Tahani AlHajri  70 months ago | reply

    woooow !
    Row3a mn <3
    yft7777 alnfs 78 al writing & ebda3
    enshallah aswi le office mthlik ;)

  14. BοuRìsly 63 months ago | reply

    realy nice color


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