Second Chance

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Back in January I took a picture of the Liberation Tower but it was pretty boring and didn't really show that much. Today I was passing by after picking up a package from Aramex and the sky was perfect so I decided I would take another shot of it. The result was positive, todays picture turned out way better then the previous picture. Today I was also thinking of my project and I think I am going to have issues when I stop. Today it hit me that after the 365 days are done, the project would be really over. That means I no longer need to carry my camera around everywhere I go and I no longer am under pressure to take a picture every fucking day. Its going to be really weird. Today is day 361, 4 days to go.

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  1. Abdullah AL-Naser 103 months ago | reply

    Beautiful picture of the tower, it's really different than the others. The sky colors looks nice. The lightening on the tower are wonderful, not so bright or dim.

  2. Mink 103 months ago | reply

    It is a beautiful picture and the sky is gorgeous

  3. A.alFoudry 103 months ago | reply

    wow :)
    what was your cam and your lens ???

  4. miskan 103 months ago | reply

    Nikon D70 with a fixed 50mm lens

  5. aMWaG AL Kuwait 102 months ago | reply


    قمه الابداااع

    ما شاء الله

  6. ^ Caramela ^ 102 months ago | reply

    oow Nice shot .. fav =D

  7. icarus_q8 [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

    simple yet powerful. great photograph.

  8. JoyceMercedes 100 months ago | reply

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  9. Ammar Alothman 97 months ago | reply

    great picture,
    i really like the angle.

  10. Z O Z 93 months ago | reply

    elcolor rw3a

    tslm elayady

  11. Abdullah AL-Naser 93 months ago | reply

    damn on the local media, check out alwatan website.
    Look at the side column in which they put the ads, u will see ur picture of the Liberation Tower, I spent minutes to see any difference b/w them, they look the same. The just changed the BG in PS and tilted the image a little bit. simply stolen :(

  12. Abx7xy - Ahmed M 92 months ago | reply

    Kuwait never changes abraaj

    bas god, the clarity of this picture is so dam good, bravo miskan

  13. Faris ♌ 88 months ago | reply

    Great angle.

  14. DanMan77 88 months ago | reply

    Great capture! I spent hours building this tower in 3D ... this photo raises lots of memories!

  15. ma6goooga 82 months ago | reply

    nice pic :)

  16. S.3.o.O.o.d [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

    great shot ... wonderful

  17. OM-ALI 78 months ago | reply

    nice shot

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