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Mein Kampf

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Was buying gum from the Marina Crescent bookshop when I noticed they had Mein Kampf and The Davinci Code in Arabic. I found that weird, a few months ago The Davinci Code was banned in Kuwait and now its available in Arabic. Notice thought the Arabic cover is cheaper then the original one, they couldn't even get the color right.

  1. Psycho Milt 103 months ago | reply

    I can only pity the poor sod who got the job of translating Mein Kampf into Arabic!

  2. Secular Humanist [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

    i have the other edition.. and hahahaha psycho milt!

  3. Murder Tramp 96 months ago | reply

    Thats really odd.. I would have never thought they'd allow MK and the DaVinci code in Kuwait o-o;; Are they loosening up?

  4. dailydog [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    I'v got a very similar one, but mine has better compay :).

    Mein Kampf in Arabic

  5. Noora.S 69 months ago | reply

    They're not banned in Oman either. The Da Vinci code was even showcased in bookshops.

    I only recently found out that Mein Kampf is banned in Germany when someone who was reading it had Germans tell her not to take it with her to Germany.

    But anyway, there must be many books that are banned here that I might find in Germany. Each sees things differently.

  6. AshkananiA 61 months ago | reply


    Da Vinci code is the best story I have read
    it's still banned

    nice pic

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