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Think Global, Act Local | by miskan
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Think Global, Act Local

Today I got an email from FILE Magazine telling me that one of my pictures of the Kuwait Towers was going to be in their collection. I went and checked their website and there was my picture, on the main page of their site as a "Featured File". It felt great seeing it there but it also made me think about a lot of things, mostly about the direction this site is headed. Why did they choose the picture of the Kuwait Towers? Why not one of my other pictures? The Kuwait Towers picture was definitely not one of my favorites and I am sure I have better pics lying around here. Then I figured it out. Most of my pictures are not very Kuwait related. By that I mean most of the pictures if you see them you couldn't guess which country they were shot in. My teacher back in university Halim Choueiry used to keep telling me "Think Global, Act Local". I gave them something that was local but with global standards. There are millions of pictures of birds, raindrops, grass, clouds, whatever.. you can shoot them anywhere in any country. But there is only one Kuwait Tower's and you can only shoot it right here in Kuwait. So starting from today, I will start trying to take pictures that are directly related to Kuwait. Stuff that people outside most probably have never seen, stuff that nobody can shoot unless they were right here in Kuwait. I won't make promises and say that every picture from now on will be like that. Its already hard enough to try and take one good picture a day and I really cant handle any more pressure. But, I will try to think more local, and since the next few days we will be celebrating the National and Liberation day of Kuwait, I shouldn't have a hard time getting some good "local" shots. About todays picture, I found this really cool shot, it was the Kuwaiti flag fluttering in the wind with the beautiful sky in the background. By the time I took out my camera to shoot it, the wind just died and never came back. I waited a few minutes and then I just took the picture and left.

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Uploaded on February 23, 2005