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Baseball | by miskan
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After a lackluster week of pictures, today I decided to actually go out and "Discover Kuwait". First me and Nat decided to have lunch at McDonalds in the Mishref Fairground. Its an interesting McDonalds built to look like a old Kuwaiti house. The most surprising thing about this branch is they had 3 shotgun rifles on display!! After lunch we decided to go check out the Quarter Mile race track which is located off the side of the sixth ring road. It wasn't too hard finding the highway exit since there were a lot of signs pointing in the direction of the race track, the funny thing though is when you exit the highway the signs stop. So while trying to find the race track I fell upon something a lot cooler.. baseball fields! Sitting off to the side of the road opposite the Kuwait Internal Security Forces complex are 4 small baseball fields. It was such a strange site seeing these very green baseball fields in the middle of summer out in the middle of nowhere. I parked my car and went down for a closer look. No one was around so I am guessing anyone can go play anytime. The baseball fields are called "Florence Alnasrallah Baseball Fields" and I think they are mostly used by the American military and American companies. The reason I am saying that is because I saw a KBR banner on one of the fields and I also saw an event program that mentioned the US military team. So, if you are a baseball fan and are interested in these baseball fields, to find them just get on the sixth ring road heading inland, then follow the racetrack signs on the highway and when you exit the road, take a right and head straight. It should be at the end after the Internal Security Forces complex. I also posted more pictures of the place on The race track was closed by the way so that will be a post for another day.

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Uploaded on June 10, 2005