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The sun/shade work is a representation of the sunlight in Helsinki over a year, measured by a solar radiation sensor and re-represented though code and a lasercutter into Finnish wood. The work investigates our sense of nature, and the meaning and interplay between data, form and physicality.

( Many thanks to the Aalto University Media Factory for sponsoring this project, and to the Aalto University / ARTS / Wood workshop for helping me realise the project ).

A year in solar radiation
On the work's vertical axis, columns of dots recount the sun's activity from the beginning of the day ( i.e 00:00 ) at top, to the day's end (ie. 23:59 ) at the bottom. The columns, from left to right, show the days in the year from the beginning to the end of the year. The size of the circles indicates the quantity of sunlight. A 2007 Helsinki's light is retold. Intensely light in summer - in the middle - with occasional rain and clouds darkening the day, and intensely dark in winter - surrounding the light summer period.



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