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A twenty-hour hour image of mine catches* a midnight to midnight period.

The poetics of nature’s movement and society’s being, impressed on a twenty-hour digital negative. Evenly distributed, as if on a timeline, through the picture plane the day’s twenty-hour hours unfold.

Technically speaking, the twenty-hour hour image synthesis is best explained using the analogy of a very slow scanner. Let us say I use a scanner to make my twenty-four hour images.

Characteristic of a scanner is it taking a bit of time to scan something. As the scan-head sweeps the motif surface, recording it, it records the different parts of what it scans at different times.

As my scanner takes a full day to record a motif, it thus records a full day. A full day distributed through the area the scanner covers while scanning.

I let the scanner begin scanning at the day’s beginning (00:00), and let its scan- head move at such a pace that it takes a full day to reach the motif’s opposite end.

Thus all the day’s movements are caught spread out between the picture/ motif’s surface one end, and its other end.

* Typically I catch a full period as described above. However, as every rule has its exception, I don’t always manage. But pretty much most the time I do.

malmoe ernst series 2004+2005

malmoe ernst series 2004+2005

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helsinki 2nd shortest day 2006dec21

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helsinki 3rd longest day 2007june23

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helsinki kiasma architecture photography 2007 summer/winter

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