Harlem Globetrotter on campus
Misericordia sophomore Mike Gombita lived up to his promise and in a one-on-one with Harlem Globetrotter Wun 'The Shot' Versher today (Feb. 25) made a half-court basketball shot backwards and over his head - to the cheers of the crowd on hand at the Anderson Center. The morning practice session was part of a Media Day to promote the Globetrotters game on March 5 at 2 p.m. at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza. Gombita was selected in a nationwide "Draft Me" contest to appear in the game.
Photos from "The Shot" visit to campus and from the Globetrotters game at the Mohegan Sun Arena are included.
Check out the various media coverage of Mike's experience in WBRE, FOX & Times Leader newspaper



Check out this link to watch Mike and his arena debut! youtu.be/mo9mYq2nVfU
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