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Welcome to the dystopian morrow! | by Artist of doing nothing.
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Welcome to the dystopian morrow!


Photographic Adventure Reveals the Frightening Deadness of Genetically Engineered Corn Field

Story at-a-glance

A science writer documents the frightening lack of life in an Iowa field growing genetically engineered corn—no birds, no insects of any kind, and no bees

Bees have been dying off around the world for a decade now from a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. A third of the U.S. food supply depends on the honeybee

GE crops and chemical agriculture in general are prime culprits in the disappearance of bees and other insects, such as butterflies

Monsanto purchased one of the leading bee research firms in September 2011– one that lists its primary goal as studying colony collapse disorder. The purchase was completed just months before Poland announced it would ban growing of Monsanto's genetically modified MON810 maize because "pollen of this strain could have a harmful effect on bees"

Bayer CropScience recently announced plans to build a bee care research facility in North Carolina. The company has already established a global Bayer Bee Care Center at the joint headquarters campus of Bayer CropScience and Bayer Animal Health in Monheim, Germany




Story at-a-glance


Dr. Mercola shares his Top 10 most viewed articles of 2012

The most read articles of last year covered topics such as the health hazards of grains, including whole grains—and especially genetically engineered crops; the unsavory and little-known practice of coating fresh produce with plastic substances to increase shelf life; and the nutritional differences between various types of eggs

If you take oral vitamin D, it’s critical to take the right kind (D3 as opposed to D2), and to take vitamin K2 along with it

Diet can powerfully dictate whether you’re healthy or sick, and can be a powerful cancer deterrent. Traditionally fermented foods, such as fermented vegetables, have shown to be of particular importance for optimal health

Cell phones and root canals are perhaps two of the least well-known risk factors in chronic and potentially lethal disease


Can You Name the Top Health Stories of 2012?


#10: Eating This Can "Tear Holes" in Your Gut

#9: Breaking News Alert: First-Ever Lifetime Feeding Study Finds Genetically Engineered Corn Causes Massive Tumors, Organ Damage, and Early Death

#8: Sidestep These Veggies, Even if They're Organic

#7: One of the Worst Ways to Eat Eggs

#6: If You Take Oral Vitamin D You MUST Avoid Making This Serious Mistake

#5: Avoid This Popular Exercise as it Shrinks Your Muscle and Accelerates Aging

#4: How to Starve Cancer Out of Your Body

#3: Why this Single Organ Powerfully Dictates Whether You're Healthy or Sick

#2: NEW Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users

#1: 97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure

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Taken on May 20, 2012