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254*/365 :: Everything has it own way to keep things in order

TCWphotography Office, Bertam Ulu, Malacca, Malaysia


Maybe it sounds a lil out of logic, but when growing older i can't keep thinking about it. Am a person who didn't believe in life controlled by anyone or anything, simply your life is controlled by the palm of your hands. (That was once very teenage myself)


When time flies by, especially when you encountered numerous major obstacles, you will definitely loosing faith on your own. Start questioning yourself whether in the right path? What happen if you lost everything? Do you have any contingency plan? Do you have any unfinished intangibly repayment and etc., subsequently the pressure will increase by one, piling up more and more noises from others.


Pulling out yourself in different pieces, you will start seeing things much clearer and perceptively. You wouldn't know how to react such situation when it gets near you. But at least there is an interspace to focus on priorities , gauge and response them. Though it is not ideal, but still somehow solving it. In mandarin we have proverb, 船到橋頭自然直, it means the boat will be reaching the bridgehead naturally. When the problem comes by, you will be suffered by looking an exit to fix it. When comes to empty mind yet the deadline is drawing very near to the dead end, sometime the fix will be flow natural accordingly. You'd say portion from the miracle or someone or a group of people lend you their hands when you need the most to ride out the storm. Things get back on track and everything in order.


Then, put yourself together again and move on your life with it. Somehow, somewhere, sometime it has it own ways to deal with it and keep things in order. I won't say it is "upstair" plan things ahead you, it just the way it is when you falling into unsolvable burning problem(s) and fixed by it own manners.


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P/s : This is new Camera Raw v6 editing, CS5 parts can be seen in the commentary too.


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Taken on September 1, 2012