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051*/365 :: Sunday | by 「my+」
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051*/365 :: Sunday

Premier Loft, Studio M Hotel, Singapore


A day that known as family day, also known as rest day. I remembered when i was a kid, my dad used to bring us out for family lunch. I love Sunday, because it is the day he shares his stories, philosophies, value of morals and etc. A wonderful day that gather family member around, is the most precious moment of all time.


Spending quality times with siblings and parents always insufficient. During the Lunar New Year, managed to squeeze a lil time watched a Malaysian movie made《天天好天》starring by all astro artists which hinting the young generation had long forgotten the elders till the stage where become to alienation and unconcerned. And we should have visit them often even though our life tied up badly with our own career. No matter what happen, they are still need our concerns, our loves. They will leave us one day, do not make yourself regret, pick up phone call and start at least some greetings opening, from their point of view, they just want to listen your voices.



Numbers of friend question me, "why would you upload bit by bit, why you have so many things to write? Wouldn't be easy just upload all the process photos in one shot, time saving on writing stuffs and yet people able to view your works quicker this way?"


Well, I have another perspective. You're right, some people prefer by uploading all processed photo at a time with limited description, captions on each photo. Time saving is the key concern while my angle tells me each photo has it own means. Wouldn't it feel more lively, touchy when every single alphabet turns to words, then into sentences and finally paragraphs.


I always love to design shots, that's why every idea triggers, i will be 'qwerty'ing' down in my handheld and that locked down my shot with caption in my head. After processed it, elaborate from caption or description, the photo will somehow turnout more interactively.






You must see this on large View On Black and View On White



P/s : This is new Camera Raw v6 editing, CS5 parts can be seen in the commentary too.


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Taken on October 17, 2010