326*/365 :: Compromise

Premier Loft, Studio M Hotel, Singapore


Indeed! Especially couple, it's a huge knowledge in fact it is larger than we thought. In this era of reality, our life mostly squeeze in with tons of our workload. Those whose job are require working shift pattern, how many times did you spend your time, sit down together start a very interesting conversation with your loves one?


This year, it's been always a toughest year to me and at some points I feel lucky that I still able to plan out at least one agenda to do what i really wanted to do long ago.


I always considered myself the lucky one, that i have a very understanding wife. Her supportive always comfort my heart, taking great care of me by start picking up her cooking skills. At times, i found her tolerance has gone far beyond an ordinary woman. She never got me to worry about, i would say she spent most of her time herself alone. As a man, i feel guilt enough that i didn't really spare my times to listen what her bottom heart contain about. That's where i planned out this shooting for our own, to at least make it up for our own outing.


Articles always state both couple should always compromise each other, and i knew i failed that badly. I do have plans in mind for our agenda next year. So that i will make it up for her which i promised her long back...



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P/s : This is new Camera Raw v6 editing, CS5 parts can be seen in the commentary too.

* Thanks to Manfrotto tripod and wireless remote control *



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Taken on October 17, 2010