Haunted Tour of Mia
A virtual haunted tour of Mia

These stories have been collected over the last few years, from employees and visitors alike.

Some occured late at night in the cavernous empty museum. Some happened during the day with the bustle of visitors all around.

What causes these strange happenings? Are they really the spirits of the dead trapped here among the living? Could they be just the work of an overtired mind in the middle of the night, or a trick of light and shadow?

Take the tour online, and then, come to the museum and see for yourself! If you have any spooky experiences, please share them in the comments! More stories come to us all the time, so check back often.

Some of these stories appear in Michael Norman's book "The Nearly Departed."

Photos by Amanda Hankerson
Text by Lori K Erickson
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