• Red Pesto (almost finished)
  • Hellman's
  • Tesco's ketchup on its side
  • Bottles of Stella
  • Strap of my camera.

  • Accept no substitute! - Pewari

In the fridge

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Having enjoyed Kaptain Kobold's fridge, I thought I should continue the trend in the hope of inspiring a flurry of activity. Find out for yourself what it's like to be one of your condiments...

  1. Roo Reynolds 111 months ago | reply

    I've done mine, and created an In the fridge group too. Get it in there, quick.

  2. minifig 111 months ago | reply

    Woo! Roo, my friend, you are a gent.

    Incidentally, I've invited everyone on my contacts...

  3. Roo Reynolds 111 months ago | reply

    No wonder it has exploded then! 42 members in the first few hours. Woo indeed.

  4. knolleary 111 months ago | reply

    Good to see a fellow 'ketchup-kept-in-fridge' man. There are far too few of us around.

    Yes roo - I am looking at you.. ;)

  5. Roo Reynolds 111 months ago | reply

    There's nothing right about ketchup in the fridge. It makes your chips go cold more quickly for one thing, and for another I've never known unfridged ketchup go off yet. Come on minifig, why do *you* keep it in there? Hmm?

  6. minifig 111 months ago | reply

    You see, I like the warm chip / cold ketchup combination. Warm ketchup tastes extremely weird and suspect...

  7. Digger Digger Dogstar 111 months ago | reply

    Have to agree minifig, gotta be ketchup in fridge!

    I'll give this a go tonight (the shot, not the ketchup)

  8. silly old bear 111 months ago | reply

    I did the strap thing, too. Next time I'll go strapless.

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