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by popular request, how to control specular highlights...I think it's quite self explanatory.

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  1. yaw yong xin 78 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing. This is helpful.

  2. mingthein 77 months ago | reply

    you're welcome!

  3. www_mariopompei_it 77 months ago | reply

    thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Dario Branco 76 months ago | reply

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    I recruiting members, and guess what? You have been recruited.

    Please join us.

  5. font9a 75 months ago | reply

    My question is how did you time 2 cameras to take the 2 shots at the same time? Is this a feature of CLS/i-TTL?

    Or am I missing that the speedlights in the photo are producing a constant light source (unlikely -- since I don't know how to make a Nikon flash do *that*)

    My only experience with remoting is with the infrared remote that mated with my D50. Now that I shoot mostly with a D700 and D2H (and so far, only with a hotshoe flash) I haven't looked into the more expensive and elaborate remote systems those cameras require.

    Any exposition on that?

    Thank you.

    -- Font9a

  6. mingthein 75 months ago | reply

    Heh. The D2H has no speedlight on it. I used the built in on the D200 to trigger the speedlights via CLS; the D2H was just there for posing. :)

  7. PATARO 68 months ago | reply

    Very nice macro setup. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. mingthein 68 months ago | reply

    you're welcome!

  9. n8Rzz 52 months ago | reply

    brilliant! thanks for sharing

  10. Alexander van den Bosch 51 months ago | reply

    Many thanks for sharing. Very insightful!

  11. Goran Hrubi 40 months ago | reply

    how thick is that perspex?

  12. mingthein 40 months ago | reply

    About 5mm. Anything more and you can kiss your flash power goodbye.

  13. Goran Hrubi 40 months ago | reply

    yep,i found in my local store 4mm thick white opaque pleksi(perspex),.I'll buy one big plate and give them to cut it .
    Setup coming soon;-)

  14. mingthein 40 months ago | reply

    Should work fine so long as it isn't too opaque.

  15. msonflk(off) 38 months ago | reply

    very nice...thanks for sharing.

  16. Steven Pam 16 months ago | reply

    So much for trade secrets!

  17. mingthein 16 months ago | reply

    Ah, it's not quite that simple :)

  18. Haris_Siddiqui 9 months ago | reply

    Its been seven long years since I first fell in love with this shot and it still serves as an inspiration. Thanks again for sharing this shot with us.

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