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    Just arrived! As I shoot with it more, I'll be posting an update to my D800 review. Possibly also an A-B comparison if I can find a pair of shots to match (the D800 went back in exchange). www.blog.mingthein.com

    1. arndsan アーンド さん 24 months ago | reply

      awesome - the D800 + the 24mm f1.4 is my dream combination.
      want to see more!

    2. mingthein 24 months ago | reply

      thanks! Unlikely there'll be too many 24/1.4 shots, because I'm going to use this for studio work...mostly 60/2.8 G and 85/2.8 PCE.

    3. webstriker 24 months ago | reply

      I would love a 24mm for my Canons.
      This 800 E looks great. On DiigitalRev they liked the little change but left liking both.

    4. Fong Long 24 months ago | reply

      ah, you got one :-)
      btw congrats on your exhibition, how is it going?

    5. mingthein 24 months ago | reply

      Both are great cameras. The 800 is definitely more people-friendly; the 800E is better for the kind of things I shoot - food, watches, architecture. Exhibition opening went well, sorting out location - there were some last minute hitches with the owner of the space...let's just say it wasn't very ethical.

    6. doppiapunta 24 months ago | reply

      Hello Mingthein
      I'm followin' your blog with much appreciation.
      I really envy your for the new monster...
      I'm waitin' my news D800E from about two months...since i preordered it.
      I really can't wait.... I really envy you.
      Really gret shot... a kind of reverence comes outside of it.

    7. mingthein 24 months ago | reply

      Haha, thanks. Just remember, it's not the equipment, it's how you use it.

    8. ramnam 13 months ago | reply

      Cannot figure why this picture is so attractive to me!

    9. mingthein 13 months ago | reply

      You like the camera, perhaps?

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