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I am now in a position to answer the question of D3 or 1DsIII...

  • Vincent Pang 8y

    ouch tough one, but anyway, u can give me the one u don't wan :-)

    my vote for 1Ds3, but since u have got a nikon system. Go for D3. Can i have the 1Ds3... pls pls...
  • John Hietter PRO 8y

    Not really a comparison because they are for diff things, the D3 is supposed to go up against the 1D III and it is said that there will be a higher res full frame nikon. Lucky you though, let us know what you think!
  • Andy Stuardo - www.andystuardo.com - www.stuardo.n 8y

    WOW!!! I Envy You
  • Ming Thein PRO 8y

    Enzyme_00: D3, hands down. The Canon 1-series focus point selection is boneheaded - why give the user a joystick when you can't use it to select AF point?! No Auto-ISO either.

    www.vincentpang.ws: I've discovered the 1Ds3 has deep shadow banding; it's obvious if you use the shadow/highlight tool in PS. The D3 doesn't, of course. Plus for the price of a 1Ds3 you can get D3, the 24-70, 70-200 and have money left over...

    j.hietter: It absolutely creams the 1D3 into submission. As for 1Ds3...at the london launch for UK NPS members, many people asked why not more pixels - they said "we can't say yes, but we can say it'll be >20MP and probably >24MP"
  • Jammy Straub 8y

    I briefly tried a 1D MkIII and couldn't believe the disabled the joystick for AF point selection. I'm not sure what they were thinking. You're right, bone headed.
  • Ming Thein PRO 8y

    I thought it was me missing a custom setting somewhere, but no, head of Canon Malaysia confirmed it: no joystick for AF point select. Was supposed to be updated in a future FW, but I guess fixing the AF issues took precedence :P
  • kevinlu-images 8y

    According to some of the forums, the Nikon D3 uses SW/OnChip NR to reduce chroma noise in the raw files, while the Canons does not. Can you confirm this?

    Correct me if I am wrong, I believe Its not possible to have an absence of Chroma noise in higher ISO photos without active chroma noise reduction.
  • Ming Thein PRO 8y

    The SW NR on the D3 doesn't kick in until 6400 if you set it to 'OFF', and never kicks in if you shoot raw (especially not if you process with a third party converter). Chroma noise is still therefore visible in raw files run through ACR.

    Canon definitely has on-chip NR, but it is geared towards luminance smoothing.
  • idiotsniff 7y

    I dont see why you cant change a custom function to make the joy stick have the ability to select AF points? the 40D has this option.. so I'm sure you just need to check CFn settings, i had to set it in CFn for that feature to be enabled on 40D
  • Ming Thein PRO 7y

    The option does NOT exist. Canon Malaysia themselves confirmed it (and said they too, couldn't understand why it wasn't otherwise). It's also not my first time with a Canon; I had the 1D3 on extended loan for review and likewise I couldn't find any C.fn to change the AF point selection. (Interestingly, I also didn't have AF problems - but I was also running 0.9 firmware.)
  • idiotsniff 7y

    Strange why that option is missing? doesnt make sence to me? does the latest firmware have this option yet? on the 1D3 that you know of? seems odd my cheap little 40D has that option but the 1D's dont? thats something that should be added for sure. I would think ppl are complaining about this left and right?
  • Ming Thein PRO 7y

    Nope, neither latest firmware for 1D3 or 1Ds3 have it. All the 1 series users I know are either a) used to selecting points with the dials or b) complaining that there isn't much point in having a joystick if you can't use it for the one obvious thing!
  • idiotsniff 7y

    Why dont you tell everyone to contact canon and see what they say about it? just send an email off to them..
  • Ming Thein PRO 7y

    I had a meeting with the regional director to discuss my findings on the 1D3, and subsequent finding of shadow banding on the 1Ds3. They were both condescending and rude - frankly, Canon is the most unresponsive of the camera companies I work with here (as contributing editor, I liase wtih Nikon, Olympus, Canon and Ricoh). And moreover, they give us an earful if we give their cameras a less than perfect review - but how can one do that when there are such obviously glaring flaws? Sigh.
  • idiotsniff 7y

    Canon sounds like a shysty bunch eh, i would give Canon the review they deserve, if there product isnt very good, then say so. i wouldnt hesitate. haha I personally hate their repair service had issues with an underexposing body, they didnt fix it at all and a lens issues they just cleaned it and sent it back, didn't even bother looking at it. I've always had Canon, never liked the CCD sensors from Nikon, to noisy. I really do like the D3, i'd love to have one if i had the money, but i have seen reviews online regarding it and the 1D3 and find the images from the 1D3 straight off camera are way sharper? that was using the same lens on both body's forget what it was, but i'm sure you have seen that review.

  • Ming Thein PRO 7y

    Oh, I do. And for that I get castigated :P

    I agree re. CCD noise on Nikon. Having said that, there are some models which are comparably clean to canon and offer better acuity - the D40, D50 and D2Hs come to mind; and of course one that's cleaner - the D3. Don't believe what you see online. Controlled studio tests are NOT a good way of judging real life performance - if you're always shooting under controlled lighting conditions, noise and dynamic range are no longer an issue - it just comes down to lenses and resolution.

    As for D3 being soft out of the box - yes, I agree, but if you care to turn the sharpening up from 0-9, it's sharper than the 1D3. The DEFAULT picture style isn't as punchy or sharp as the Canon defaults, but surely if you're going to buy a $5000 camera, you're going to change some of the settings, right? :) With very minimal tweaking it's possible to get retina-searingly saturated and sharp output from the D3's jpegs also.

    Frankly, my issue with Canon is that a) they cripple consumer models so you have to move up to get full features (can you imagine wireless commander flash in the 450D, or proper - not dense foam - weather sealing in the 40D?), b) they're unresponsive to problems until they become so noticeable that everybody is screaming (300D and 20D ERR 99; 5D banding; 1D2 softness; 1D3 AF issues; 1Ds3 shadow banding). Frankly, this is unacceptable. Perhaps the rudeness I experience is confined to Canon locally - to think that I was almost ready to switch to the 1D3 at one point! I certainly hope nothing would have gone wrong, because I'd hate to be argueing with their service department. Nikon (again, I don't know if this is local or not) has been pretty exemplary. Maximum 1-week turnarounds - this was when they had to get a D2H shutter from Japan - and often same day; equivalent loaner stock; no problem borrowing lenses to trial; and their head of service is a friendly guy too.
  • idiotsniff 7y

    How do Nikkor 24-70 and 70-200 2.8 lenses compare to the Canon 24-70 and 70-200 2.8 lenses?
  • Ming Thein PRO 7y

    The Nikon 24-70 is the best zoom I've ever used, period. It's sharp corner to corner and has no CA anywhere. It doesn't sharpen up when stopped down. Color and microcontrast are fantastic, ditto bokeh. Overall, it rivals and bests some of the best primes (35L, 50/1.4 Nikkor, 60/2.8 micro-Nikkor) in this focal range, even wide open - simply in another league. Perhaps the best way to describe this lens is 'transparent' - it doesn't get in the way of the shot, but delivers 100% of what was there. The Canon 24-70 doesn't ever get as sharp as the nikon, and needs stopping down. Corners are soft and CA-ridden - this is a known issue. It also vignettes, which the Nikon doesn't.

    As for the 70-200s - I'd say they're pretty much on par; the Canon is softer but vignettes less than the Nikon.
  • Brian Eager PRO 5y

    Thanks Ming for some excellent reportage and content throughout your submissions - and particularly as it must seem like a Busmans Holiday to you........but please do carry on I think the amount of replies show that others think the same.......!
  • Ming Thein PRO 5y

    My pleasure. I don't shoot as much as I'd like these days, so I'm trying to up the quality instead...
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