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This fabulously silly picture is a scan from the 1977 edition of the Mind Alive Encyclopaedia of Technology edited by David Chatterton, (first pub. 1968, Marshall Cavendish Books Ltd).

Although the caption makes a pretty good prediction, the idea of filling ones dining room with a mainframe to manage shopping lists and the like is rather erm, optimistic.

Note how in the future teddy bears will act as operators. To keep the batch jobs flowing they will be regularly beaten by small children armed with spoons.

Thanks to OldDogNewTrick for the ID, It's a Honeywell 200 sports fans.

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  1. NikonD7100 Funky Dandelion Feb 94 months ago | reply

    love the tapes stacked on top of the drive. wait until they see the first tapes for TV.

  2. NikonD7100 Funky Dandelion Feb 94 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called No Photo Day July 17th, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  3. Djuliet 94 months ago | reply

    that's funny!

  4. jdandbeatrice 92 months ago | reply

    Imogen is in training to be a computer opperator. She hasn't graduated to using spoons as input devices yet but there is a strong posiblity that she's mastered some sort of gesturing language akin to semaphore. Also see recent pictures of her helping JD with some editing.

    Come up and see us soon!

    Beatrice & JD

  5. OldDogNewTrick 91 months ago | reply

    I know this stuff quite well. It is a collection of Honeywell computer gear from the 1960's. The H200 computer family was a IBM 1401 computer knockoff introduced around 1964.

    The base memory was 4096 locations (bytes) - 6 dats bits and 3 other bits per location for control and error checking.

    Peripherals used were card readers and punches, line printers, and tape drives as seen in this photo.

    The funny thing is that a system like this would be totally useless as a home computer unless you wanted to use it for a replacement for your furnace. It used a massive amount of elctricity and produced lots of heat.

  6. fr33kman 88 months ago | reply

    Well, they were right, just 30 years early. We do know have PCs that do our online shopping from supermarkets and we even have fridges that keep track of the eggs and milk and order more when they're empty.

  7. MindSpigot 86 months ago | reply

    @fr33kman Absolutely though I'm still waiting for the place mats that match my PC.

  8. Dan Bvnr 84 months ago | reply

    Smoking in the clean room? Around their kids?? How 70s!!

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