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    Fairground lights, Hampstead Heath Spring Bank Holliday fun fair 2005 (London, UK).

    Added to Cream of the Crop as my second most interesting (as per its rules)
    voted as "deleteme" (from Delete me! group).

    rprins, halfgeek, Lynnell My Belle, and 43 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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    1. Erielle 118 months ago | reply

      At first I was going to vote for the deletion in the deleteme group, because the brightness was almost hurting my eyes. But then I realized that this is the only photo on flickr that has made my eyes hurt, and I think we all need some of that in our lives.
      And also I have really started to enjoy the negative space between the yellow, how it's not symmetrical at all, even though one would expect it to be because the yellow is mostly symmetrical.

      -voted as "saveme3" (from Delete me! group)

    2. evilgreg3000 118 months ago | reply

      I like it, but that blown out white bit on the left is giving me a migraine. Besides, this thing is already in about eleventy other pools. Let's get it out of this one.

      -voted as "deleteme" (from Delete me! group)

    3. y entonces 118 months ago | reply

      Normally I wouldn't comment on a picture that has already had this many other comments but HOLY MOLY do I love this picture. It just GRABBED me.

    4. grebo guru 118 months ago | reply

      Hello! I'd love this pic in my new Symmetry In Motion group.

    5. MindSpigot 118 months ago | reply

      Ello, Grebo. Nice group idea, I’d be delighted, and you were right it was ‘brave’ (hah, more like 'courageous' in the Yes Minister, Humphrey sense) to risk it in Delete me!. Still more people got to see it, and some of them even liked it, and the feedbacks always useful, even if I am left licking wounds (urine!? I ask you.... Bah!)

    6. SouthernBelladonna 117 months ago | reply

      really great shot!

    7. kimberkit 117 months ago | reply

      I'm still waiting for a photo good enough that I'll be brave enough to put to deleteme ;) But this was beautiful -- favorited.

    8. Kreuz_des_Südens 116 months ago | reply

      amazing i like the photos

    9. Andrew Morrell Photography 116 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot - alive and funny and exciting!

    10. Mr. Mark 114 months ago | reply

      woah! stunning!

    11. j.badger 113 months ago | reply

      such vivid colours! wonderful.

    12. Patanne 109 months ago | reply

      It has all been said. Nice shot.

    13. Christine Lebrasseur 104 months ago | reply

      Please add your picture to:

      Please click the logo to get in there and read rules.

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    14. optick 103 months ago | reply

      from the thumbnail I couldn't tell what it was - which I think is a virtue in a photo...

    15. Christine Lebrasseur 100 months ago | reply


      It is time that this photograph rediscovers the front scene ! .

      " ╠1 year ago-1 an déjà-Hace 1 año (invited pix only)╣ .

      Tag "OneYear" and share it with us :o)


      Seen in someone's favorites. (?)

    16. *Mama*Lola* 100 months ago | reply

      We're honored and we thank you for adding this wonderful image to "One Year".
      Seen in Œ╠ 1 year ago- 1 an déjà- Hace 1 año (invited pix only)╣ (?)

    17. 96 months ago | reply

      This photo has been deemed COLOURLICIOUS :)Please post it here and spread the rainbow love..

      *************STOP THE GENOCIDE************

      ************STOP THE GENOCIDE*************

    18. Tripod Ape 88 months ago | reply

      Good grief there are some miserable people in flickrland - great picture, don't ever delete it! :)

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