Amanda Fucking Palmer Secret Show in LA
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Amanda Palmer mentioned on her blog that she might be doing a secret show in LA the next day. She tells her fans in the area to stay-tuned via twitter.

i also *might* also be doing a surprise show somehwere in LA tomorrow. if you’re not following me on twitter, you won’t hear about it, baby. that’s right. the twitter addiction has morphed into a full-on monotheocracy of doom. i don’t even know oif that’s sentence is really quite right, but you get it.

follow me or perish.

Around 10am, this tweet:

secret show at 2pm today somewhere in los angeles. hint: street named after an archaic word for england or great britain; used poetically.

Another tantalizing tidbit at 11am:

there's room for about 50 people at the secret LA show today. you will have to be there BY 1:30pm (if not much sooner) to get in. more soon!

Finally the exact location (even though speculation was flying in the twittersphere, and read a book nailed it well before the announcement:

playing at 1714 albion street in LA at 2pm. directions at - only room for 50 people so come get in line asafp!!!

So a bunch of twitter-folk and AFP zealots ended up in an industrial back corner of LA to spend a few intimate moments with Amanda Fucking Palmer. The rest is...well, the rest is in these photos, and whatever else is posted out there.

I'll blog more detail/reflections on our being used as guinea pigs in a social experiment tonight.
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