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calling all crows - there's gonna be a showdown | by Photomaginarium
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calling all crows - there's gonna be a showdown

calling all crows is a song by the band State Radio.


the song is meant to raise awareness about grassroots activism in general, and in this case specifically about refugee women in the Sudan and Afghanistan. in the song the "crows" are the people who are called to be activists, to be the "voice for the voiceless." the money raised helps buy goods such as stoves for the women in the refugee camps. outside of the camps these women, "easy targets", are among the first victims of the violent civil upheaval in their countries.


this band has raised over $250,000 for this cause alone (one among several charities which they've founded).


this kind of story is what keeps my hope alive in humanity, and in the world at large. not governments getting with the program, but ordinary people "getting down to business" and helping each other across cultural, political, and religious boundaries.


you can see the charity website and learn more about it here.


you can hear (& see) the official video for the song on youtube here.


as James Brown duly noted, sometimes getting down is all about getting up.




Our Daily Challenge: Down

(as in "showdown"; or, "getting down to business"; or, "are you down with this?")




the geek behind the curtain: all shots and layers in this assemblage were taken and developed by myself.


a shot of a crow on a street light from this morning. replaced the sky with a sunrise from a week or two ago. added an extra crow in flight that little E pointed out to me one afternoon as i was driving her home from daycare. the wing was clipped at the top so i didn't think i'd get to use it as a "main subject", but it was so clear and relatively close-up (not typical for my in-flight bird photography) that i wanted to use it somewhere and this provided a good opportunity.


some cloning to get rid of telephone wires, some dodging and burning, blurring, etc., and general "clean up" work.


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Taken on August 20, 2012