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But let me choose and oh! I should / Love all my life and longer


lines from a poem by Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood




this image is the result of a bummer morning.


i'd been noticing over the past few weeks that when i walk the dog first thing in the morning we're apt to see a few water birds or a pack of crows, maybe as many as 10 or 15, fly over our house. i haven't been able to get really good shots of them due to the low light and the constant pull of the 1 yr old bulldog, who often sees it as an opportunity to bite the leash and tug me around the yard at the same time.


so today i got up an extra 20 minutes early, got the dog out there before the crows, and raced back with the camera to wait. the main difference was the sky was not clear this morning as it has been most mornings. a thin(ish) blue-black cloud cover hung everywhere. and so when the crows appeared -- 40 or 50 of them this time -- my heart leapt with joy. they chose to wheel around a big tree in the neighbor's yard for at least 10 minutes. i shot 64 frames.


not a single one had a speck of clarity.


so, after dropping little E at daycare this morning, i wheeled around the parking lot till i saw 4 crows, stragglers on this line. took a few snaps, and then i built this assemblage as a consolation.




Our Daily Challenge: Treat Yourself!




the geek behind the curtain: all shots and layers in this assemblage were taken and developed by myself.


4 shots, 4 layers. 3 shots from this morning of crows on a wire. the main shot is a bird on the left, a crow in flight, and two birds on the right. came back with 2 other shots and 3 more birds from the same 5 minutes of shooting to fill it up. the sky was almost perfectly gray and monotone. replaced it with a sky from last november.

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Taken on July 19, 2012