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the sky calls to us. | by Photomaginarium
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the sky calls to us.

if we do not destroy ourselves

we will, one day, venture to the stars.


lines spoken by Carl Sagan

quoted in the melodysheep mashup, A Glorious Dawn




Our Daily Challenge: things with wings




the geek behind the curtain: all shots and layers in this assemblage were taken and developed by myself.


7 shots, 20-something layers.


one shot of me in red shirt and bowler hat (6 bucks, party store) and magnifying "geezer glasses" (2 bucks), standing with a backpack on back-to-front (so that only the straps showed). one shot of a bit of wall. one shot of a desk lamp, doubled, cut and cropped and pasted so that it became architectural embellishments on the wall. one shot of sky, doubled and mirrored and blended into itself. added shadow layers for the legs and architectural bits.


for the wings: one shot of a glass water cylinder with aluminum cap, blended into my shirt with the "difference" setting, which turned the water green. those became the "fuel cells." one shot of an electric lantern with 2 flourescent bulbs, one of which was burnt out. doubled it, blended it into iself, which made it look like 3 bulbs. doubled again, blended into a cloud layer, and it became the "plasma engine." on shot of a bascule bridge, meticulously cut away from the city around it., doubled to make the steampunk "wings."


at one point i'd followed a tutorial to make a starfield, and at another point a galaxy, which i tried to blend with the clouds. neither looked very good, so they were deleted. at another point the computer crashed and i lost 2 hours of work. seems like i will always and forever be learning that lesson.


as the song by melodysheep states in its opening lines, "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch ... first, you must invent the universe."


roughly 3 days of work in my spare time. probably 10 hours altogether.


"geezer glasses" (otherwise known as "thine bulbous orbs of thick perfection") dedicated with gratitude to hbmike2000, who deserves the credit.

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Taken on July 10, 2012