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the moon was a clock behind swaying trees ... [Explore for Dec 13, #136, dropped]

-- William Burroughs




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the geek behind the curtain: not much to it really ... a shot of the clock in our local library put onto a shot of the moon and a tree near the daycare where i pick E up in the afternoons 3 days a week. (got the idea one night when i was reading a page or two from the Burroughs book before i fell asleep. i think i've been reading it for 2 months or so now, about half way through. after reading legal text off insurance forms all day long looking for changes in the language from state to state and month to month, i hardly read at all for pleasure anymore.)


had to move the moon closer to the tree to get it into a square-frame-format, and made it a little larger so the numbers on the clock would be visible. added some texture ... i think its cheap leather interior from some part of K's toyota. or it might be the car K lets me drive, i don't remember. a bit of faked vignette in 3 corners -- the upper right is from the actual original shot, the other two corners were copied and pasted and smudged in. did all that so there wouldn't be any vignette on the bottom right side, just the negative space from the tree and sky.

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Taken on December 13, 2011