3d pan white

this radiating life ...

i am not i


i am not i.

i am this one

walking beside me whom i do not see,

whom at times i manage to visit,

and whom at times i forget;

the one who remains silent when i talk,

the one who forgives, sweet, when i hate,

the one who takes a walk where i am not,

the one who will remain standing when i die.


-- poem by Juan Ramon Jimenez

translated by Robert Bly

collected by Roger Housen

in his book, [Risking Everything]




the geek behind the curtain: two shots of the same hall at different angles, superimposed on each other. the shot of my friend Paul was super-blurry, ghosted and jiggly, taken at a low ISO while i myself was walking (the best of 10 or so done in this style, and by "best" i just mean "favorite"). the second shot of the hall was very crisp and clear, taken while i was as still as a church mouse, which i layered on top of the other in GIMP using the "multiply" setting, then reduced the opacity to 80 percent. nothing more than that was required, except to crop them square.


admittedly i leaned a little more on the "radiating" than the lines, but they're all there, both halves of the phrase, starting somewhere off-camera and converging in another world entirely.


the poem, too, is full of radiation.


this bit of playfulness was no doubt inspired by the book of dreams by William Burroughs that i've been reading, and the program K and i watched last night -- National Geographic's take on the "Moment of Death," and how blurry a concept that has become in recent years. hence the inclusion of the little poem, which also has its own radiating lines.




Our Daily Challenge: Radiating lines

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