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we're listening.

i've already said too much.




Our Daily Challenge: Ears

(mea culpa. revised 2nd post, same topic.)




somehow in this hat i remind myself of my grandfather for the first time.

its the ears.

and the hat.


he was an east texas small town buddha, though he didn't know it.

i sure do miss you, Gran.




the geek behind the curtain: obviously cropped square and completely de-saturated. also turned up the contrast and dodged the figure to darken the features into a silhouette. it was nearly a silhouette, but needed a push. all that monkeying around blew out the top half of the window so i copied and pasted some bits of minimal blinds to help add some balance, then dodged away some of what i'd added to give it a more "organic light" feel.

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Taken on November 22, 2011