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    1. Steven Vance 40 months ago | reply

      What was the outing for?

    2. Amsterdamized 40 months ago | reply

      lol, come on, isn't it obvious? :)

    3. Steven Vance 40 months ago | reply

      Schooling the Belgians, right? I'm "schooling" Chicago with one of Mark's videos in an upcoming post on my blog.

    4. Amsterdamized 40 months ago | reply

      not exactly, remember me sharing that I produced the film for the launch of the Dutch Cycling Embassy & that I had to hurry to make the deadline? (I also put that in my post about the production of the film) We officially launched the DCE at the Dutch Consulate in Brussels, the city where the Orange Bike Days were taking place.

      So purely a launch moment, after a panel discussion about mobility with European (Committee) representatives. The DCE folders the guys are holding were handed out with the launch.

      Looking forward to your post, what's the topic?

    5. Steven Vance 40 months ago | reply

      Ah, so this is an old photo. Yes, I remember the launch video and "conference".

      It's about bike lane design and points out all the alternate, modern ways to design a specific situation where a cyclist in the bike lane has people driving cars, trucks, and buses to their left AND right (not fun).

    6. Steven Vance 40 months ago | reply

      Here's the article on bike lane and bridge design, and disrespect to cycling during construction detours:

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