Give Your Heart card pouches to print as photos and make
This is so cool, really. I wanted to print some pouches to hold small, flat gifts and do them in color without exhausting the ink supply on my printer. It took me all day, yes, all day, to come up with a workable design wherein two pieces of photo paper could interlock to make such a pouch. Photo paper. Like, when you print a photo? So, what I have done is incorporate heart designs on these 2-template designs (one is the heart template, then you choose a backing/gift card to use out of this album) in .jpg format THAT ARE PRINTED AS PHOTOS! Some backings/gift cards are obvious matches to one of the heart template styles, the others can be used if you'd rather. Just download the original .jpg files off of Flickr on PC or phone, follow my directions on this video and go.
Add a tea bag, a folded up hot chocolate pouch, a small bar of candy, a personal note, a few sticks of gum - the possibilities are endless (well, at least there may be more you can put)! Plus, I include templates to print 2 different bookmark styles - if you want to add those.
NEW!!! Have scrapbook brads? I now have a design that secures with them and uses just one photo! And I have added 3 wider 2-template designs called Rustic Hearts, Going Down Country Roads, American Quilts. These wider pouch designs can be used with or without the mini-scrapbook brads. All 3 types of designs form a pocket on the back of the card (making it a pouch) for a small, flat gift to family or friends.
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