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taken too soon | by mimbrava
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taken too soon

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Another sad note:

I have just learned, very belatedly, of the death of yet another Flickr friend. Finnigh/John succumbed on September 24th to the esophageal cancer he was not able to vanquish. He was just 49 years old. He was a fine photographer and a dear, sweet man with a wonderful sense of humor and a courageous outlook.


This was the last Flickr-mail I got from him.

Date: 29th May, 2010


Hello, my dear friend.


After I posted that picture, I felt bad because it looked like I was trying to say 'poor me'. I wasn't - I just wanted to show the world what a great friend I had. So I hope you will enjoy the photo in the spirit in which it was intended and not become too distressed by it.


Yes, my battle with cancer has been rough going. But it has its fun spots, too.


Last month my vocal cords became partially paralyzed and my voice was reduced to a shadow of a hoarse whisper. But the physiological change bestowed upon me a new method of communication: the ability to purr.


My cat was amazed the first time I did it. His eyes bugged out and he leapt over to to crawl up, nuzzle and lick me. I believe he was saying:


"You speak cat?? Why the heck didn't you tell me this before?"


I have become human catnip to him now. He is so proud of me, heh.


So yes, there are side benefits. My dog is disappointed that I cannot bark like a dog yet, but I've told her I am working on it!


I had a PET scan this week. I hope that will help my doctors sort out where things are still going wrong inside me. Until then, I just have to keep my head down and tough it out. No problem; I'm good at that sort of thing :)


Thank you so much for the email, Mim. It brightened my day.


Warmest regards,




This was my reply:

"Well, that's just PURRfect for your cat, John, and your dog remains hopeful, as do I as you battle this ugly disease. I've had many friends and some family members succumb to it, but others, including even one with lung cancer, have survived, Go figure. I hope very much that you're destined for a good result. Please keep me informed. I care.


I wish a big hug would make it go away, but I'm sending this one anyway. (((John)))




I am very upset that John wasn't destined for a good result. May he rest in peace. I will miss him.


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Taken on October 30, 2010