David Jones Christmas window displays 2008 — Santa’s Magical Workshop
Each year the David Jones department store in Sydney (Elizabeth Street building) puts on an elaborate window display for Christmas. In 2008 it was automated marionettes of elves which were working while time stopped for midnight on Christmas Eve.

Santa’s Magical Workshop

"Santa has many helpers to prepare for his annual trip around the world delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.

"In fact, there is a whole village of elves working all year round in preparation for this one special night. There are four special elves who help Santa every year. They are the best toy makers, cooks, gift wrappers, and special technicians. These elves not only make the gifts small enough to fit into Santa's sack, but also help Santa make time stand still. Santa and his special elves are able to hold time at 11.59 p.m. on the 24th December so that Santa is able to complete his journey around the world, delivering gifts to all the boys and girls.

"This magical story is shared using marionette puppetry.

"The puppet maker brings the story to life, creating something that captures the imagination of young ones and brings back fond memories of childhood to older ones."
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