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Meet Neu! the "mouse with no tail" | by Lottie's pets & stuff
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Meet Neu! the "mouse with no tail"

This young man here is Neu (pronounced "Ne-oo", meaning snow in catalan) my new hamster.

As you may know, i wasn't planning on getting a new pet anytime soon after what happened with Cookie and Kenzo...

But here is the story:

I was visiting a pet market. These places should be ilegal, because the animals are not treated well and the people who sell them have no clue about animals. I NEVER buy anything from there, but I like to visit to see all the animals.

I was passing infront of a cage full of sleeping white mice, and in the same cage was a silly little hyper hamster hanging on the cage bars. I asked the pet seller what a hamster was doing with mice, because they don't get along great. He told me: "It's not a hamster, it's a mouse, it just has no tail". I wanted to laught so hard! It was obvious the guy knew nothing about hamsters or mice! Poor Neu was trying to escape from the boring group of mice! My mom, my brother and I all fell in love, so we agreed that I could keep this little "mouse".

I bought everything he needs from a pet shop though, since I am against pet markets.

Neu is tiny, so I'm guessing he must be about a month old, not much more.

i love him already, but he is nothing like calm, lovable Cookie.

He is hyper, curious, silly and very very funny.

He dosen't bite, but holding him for more than 2 seconds or taking pictures is nearly impossible!

I'm hoping he will calm down a little...


Oh and I forgot to mention, he is the first hamster I have EVER seen that doesn't like yogurt drops!

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Taken on May 28, 2010