Milkweed Mercantile
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Construction of the Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage began in the spring of 2007. We opened the store in July 2009, and had our official Grand Opening in April 2010.

The two-story strawbale building currently runs solely on solar power. We are installing a wind turbine to help on the cloudy-but-windy days. (Like all buildings at Dancing Rabbit, the Mercantile is being built entirely with alternative energy. All power tools are run on power from Kurt & Alline's solar and wind system).

The Mercantile is heated by a wood fireplace and has a wood-fired boiler. All water is collected rainwater which we store in a 7,000 gallon cistern under the porch. We continue to work on the screened-in wraparound porch - it should be finished SOON!

The kitchen is open by design so that not only can we talk with you while we're cooking but so that you can see that we're using all "real" food.

We have three guest rooms and can sleep up to nine people. Our fourth room has become The Healing Room, where guests can experience massage therapy, chiropractic and many other modalities. Come experience what living in a more sustainable way feels like!

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We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alline & Kurt
aka "The Milkweeds"

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