Kristyna Milde Her Hair
The perspective of my body and my personal experiences are becoming the starting point of my exploration. I use the feminine attributes to deconstruct the images of identity and cultural conventions. The underlying content focuses on the psychological aspects of physical experience and the search for emotional closeness and connection.

In my work “Her Hair” I use hair as a mediator between my self, the body and the outer world. The hair is expanding into the space. It is a part of my identity, something familiar, but it also has its own life. I want to stretch and expand the possibilities of the physical limits and the meaning of hair.

I explore the possibilities within objects or situations and try to exceed the limits of the assumed properties and functions. I like to incorporate unexpected elements into my work, and to produce art that develops situations that are curious in their existence.
By the misplacing of components, I want to achieve a tension and disruption, which will create new meaning leading to a broader understanding of the subject matter.
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