Valet Parking FAIL

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    "no keys? .... no problem!"

    1. cfschneider1 82 months ago | reply

      is that my passat??!!!!

    2. CrowdedGarage 68 months ago | reply

      Haha, if they have wheel dollies on hand, I bet this isn't the first time they've dealt with this situation!

    3. tx_thunder 64 months ago | reply

      This happens often. You have customers who leave their car and not their keys. If you do not have the dollies, the valet operation is limited at best and shut down completely at the worst. I know from experience...

    4. BudsDriversEDge 63 months ago | reply

      I'd like to see one of those dollies up close. So how do the Valets get the "Stationary" wheels = IN PARK to Roll up onto the Dollies? If there's no Jack, then it would be like the old days. If some Punk was Flirting with Our Girlfriend (or Worse, said something bad about our ride), ....... a few of our friends would just grab a Fender, Lift and Wedge the Offender's car in between 2 tight trees, walls & or Fire Hydrants!!! LOL

    5. FLReister 33 months ago | reply

      What a bunch of crap!!! I've had the honor of working with a great valet company, the largest in the country that had great valets and great training and maintained high standards. I am sure there are horror stories, but there are horror stories in EVERY area of business and life. The valets I have known NEVER would have considered stealing... the other valets and management would have had his head!
      Finally, as a practicle matter, IF you want your car faster NEVER leave your valet key unless it electronically activates the door locks...during a busy event, that beep from pressing the unlock/lock button on the key helps the valet spot the car quicker and get it to you faster.

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