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    damn hell escalator. up to no good.

    YIP 2010

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    1. meg's my name 61 months ago | reply

      whoa! where did you rest the camera? just on a step and then ran back down to retrieve?

    2. mikomiao 61 months ago | reply

      oops this is what happens when I get distracted. This is not an SP - I read your comment and I realized my mistake. I just used the SP group upload settings on this pic by accident. I don't know if i'd risk my D300s like that but that method you described would probably work.

    3. MiniLaura 61 months ago | reply

      hee! you can't ever trust and elevator.

    4. lauren*o 61 months ago | reply

      this is a narrow escalator, too! We have one like this at the el station by my house.

    5. mintyfreshflavor 61 months ago | reply

      I just read Incarceron (a YA lit) so I saw that red slit and thought "OMG it's the eye of Incarceron!" (which is kind of like saying it's the eye of Sauron.) I'm a nerd.

    6. Yarny Old Kim 61 months ago | reply

      Cool shot! Did you have someone be a tripod for you?

    7. mikomiao 61 months ago | reply

      no i just took the shot. not an SP. now it makes me wonder if i should have tried. ;-)

    8. Bagatell 61 months ago | reply

      I adore long escalators.

    9. Yarny Old Kim 61 months ago | reply

      Ha, you fooled me. Thought that was you at the top of the escalator

    10. Tami Loving Life 61 months ago | reply

      Congrats on being chosen for Group Five!!

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