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Ebay; Star Studded Comics

Suspended Animation Classic #729 First published December 15, 2002 (#50) (Dates are approximate)


Ebay: Star Studded Comics

By Michael Vance


On January 8th, 1989, Suspended Animation began publication. Now beginning its 14th year, it seems fitting that we look at a new way to buy comic books and strips on the Internet (E-bay) as we glance back into comics history.


Star Studded Comics is one of the earliest, most influential, and hardest to find comic book fanzines. E-bay is an auction company on the Internet, and fanzines are amateur magazines not sold on newsstands that are created for readers who avidly share the interest of the publisher.


Star Studded Comics began in the 1960s and played a major role in bringing fans together who created a loose 'society' of readers that love comics called "fandom". It also created a training field for artists and writers (some became professionals), began documenting the history of the art form, and spurred the creation of comics conventions.


When my comics collaborator Richard "Grass" Green died in 2002, and knowing that he had produced work for this fanzine as a founder of fandom, I turned to E-bay to find his early "Xal-Kor the Human Cat" and "Wildman and Rubberroy" in the 15th issue of Star Studded. Because few copies were printed, what might have taken years of searching in comics shops took minutes to find on E-bay.


In addition, this issue of Star Studded published comics by Landon Chesney, Alan Weiss, Dave Cockrum, Howard Keltner, Larry Herndon, and Mickey Schwaberow; Weiss and Cockrum became professionals. Each story has a raw energy and a large dose of talent that makes this fanzine a 'must have' for serious comics historians, collectors, and fans of Grass Green.


Star Studded Comics #15, May 1969/original price 75 cents [bought for around $20], 60pgs. from the Texas Trio/various artists and writers/found at ebay.


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