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    Always lucky when you're demonstrating taking macro photos to kids when you pull off a good one...

    At first I thought honeybee but this looks more like another mining bee but a different species. Anyone help? Andrena tibialis or andrena haemorrhoa?

    Larger original is available (3747x2489) as PSD so can be any format.

    1. Duvali@-Lat@ (Serge Rolandez) 47 months ago | reply

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    2. eucera 47 months ago | reply

      Its certainly an Andrena. I haave problems with working out the size of this but suspect it just may be Andrena haemorrhoa

    3. "Mike Foster" 47 months ago | reply

      Was about the size of a honeybee if not slightly smaller which nudged me in that direction.

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    4. eucera 47 months ago | reply

      I'd go for A. haemorrhoa at that size

    5. Scorpion.Cleric 47 months ago | reply

      Hey every one, is thinking it may even be Andrena clarkella, but there are so many similarities between mining bees, heres the link to some other pictures of the Andrena clarkella:
      But then there is also the Adrena nitida:

      Bees arent my strong point but hopefully this is pointing in the right direction.

    6. MARY H* 47 months ago | reply

      fantastic shot, after seeing your pics honoured that you liked my bee photo

    7. alisonhulot 47 months ago | reply

      It's bee-tastic. Superb shot.

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